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Final Report: Changes for Justice Project .

Project Report | May 31, 2015

The front page of the final report with the words "Changes for Justice Project."

The Changes for Justice Project was based on USAID efforts to support the bureaucratic reform processes of the Indonesian Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office. The project was designed to sustain earlier reforms, compare experiences, and improve management within judicial and prosecutorial systems.

USAID’s Changes for Justice Project (C4J) consisted of three components within Indonesia: 1) sustaining and broadening reforms in the Supreme Court; 2) sustaining and broadening reforms in the Attorney General’s Office; and 3) special initiatives, which entail the installation of public information desks, creation of Version 1 of a new case tracking system (CTS) in three 2 pilot district courts during the first year of the project, and a new program to combat threats to biodiversity in three pilot districts. This included district courts, district prosecutors’ offices, and rural communities. The project team introduced key activities such as: institutional reforms in human resources, budget and financial management, case management, information technology, education and training programs, and public services.