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Technical Brief: Behavior Centered Programming in Zambia .

Technical Brief | December 30, 2014

The front page of a technical brief titled "Behavior-Centered Programming: A systematic Approach to Improve Design, Management, and Monitoring of Health Communication Campaigns." Includes image of two women speaking.

Zambia Communications Support for Health program, in an effort to improve the capacity of health-sector organizations, applied the technique of Behavior-Centered Programming, a set of tools that give a voice to program participants and harmonizes social and behavior change communications initiatives.

The USAID-funded, Chemonics-implemented Zambia Communications Support for Health (CSH) program aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of organizations throughout the Zambian health sector to use communications as a tool to influence and improve critical health-seeking behaviors. To achieve this, CSH used a communications methodology called Behavior-Centered Programming (BCP), which served as a framework for selecting and designing the program’s technical and training interventions.