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Final Report: Building Local Capacity for Development Project in Azerbaijan .

Project Report | March 31, 2016

The front page of the final report titled "Building Local Capacity for Development Project in Azerbaijan." Includes an image of a large group of people posing with framed documents in their hands.

The Building Local Capacity for Development project (BLCD)’s mission was to build the organizational and technical capacity of Azerbaijani civil society organizations (CSOs) to serve as relevant, effective, and sustainable partners in initiatives to strengthen democratic and governance processes, improve health, and engender economic growth and prosperity.

At its end, BLCD was a four-year, $4 million project that strengthened the capacity of 20 CSOs and two CSO resource centers. BLCD was implemented by prime contractor Chemonics International Inc. and its international subcontractor, the International Center for Not-For-Profit Law. The BCLD in Azerbaijan worked with 20 CSOs and resource centers to strengthen their organizational structure and management through improved self-governance, policies, practices, and procedures to meet donor standards; to build CSOs’ knowledge and awareness of the critical role they play in safeguarding an enabling environment that ensures their sustainability; and to improve CSOs’ ability to represent and advocate effectively for public interests.