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Ambient Climate Monitoring in Health Supply Chains .

Fact Sheet | June 18, 2019

Taking into account the impact temperature and climates can have on health supply chains, Chemonics has researched, tested, and installed temperature and humidity monitoring sensors in several countries, with the support of USAID, to ensure the safe procurement and delivery of health products abroad.

The frequency, duration, extent, and location of temperature excursions in the supply chain need to be better understood to inform the necessary adjustments to the products, their packaging, handling procedures, and the structures and vehicles with which products interact. The age of “the internet of things” (IoT) allows the use of smart technology in the form of temperature and humidity monitoring sensors that provide greater visibility into conditions along a supply chain while limiting the need for human intervention. Since October 2017, Chemonics has been researching, testing, and installing temperature and humidity monitoring sensors in several countries, with new countries continually being added. We piloted our solution with the support of the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program–Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC- PSM) project, which has procured and delivered more than $1 billion in products to 58 countries.