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Our DEI Journey: 2022 Chemonics DEI Report .

Report | July 7, 2022

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Chemonics releases its first report on diversity, equity, and inclusion, sharing achievements, challenges, lessons, and next steps in its journey to become a stronger, more inclusive organization.

Chemonics International is pleased to release its 2022 report on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In the report, we share our milestones, challenges, lessons learned, and next steps in its efforts to increase diversity, expand inclusivity, deepen equity, and foster a sense of belonging across its workforce, policies, and systems. The purpose of the report is to promote transparency to Chemonics’ global workforce as well as the international community to ensure the firm embodies its values and makes good on its ongoing promise to enhance DEI for its employees and the communities in which it works.

Organized around Chemonics’ DEI pillars from its 2020-2023 DEI Strategy — Leadership, Talent, Culture, Community — the report is available in an interactive digital overview and a more detailed 52-page version (below). Both include perspectives of Chemonics employees from around the world, highlights of DEI activities and resources, and links to Chemonics blog posts and op-eds. We hope this serves as a resource for organizations working on their DEI journeys and an invitation to dialogue and collaborate on this topic.