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Manager Wynne Mancini

Wynne Mancini is a manager in editorial support and production at Chemonics.

by Wynne Mancini

Know Your SDGs: To Create Sustainable Peace, A Focus On Governance Is Necessary But Not Enough

Daily headlines highlight the urgent need for the international community to find a coherent shared approach to managing and mitigating conflict. In Syria alone — just one of the countries most affected by war in recent years — 74,000 people died in 2014 and nearly 250,000 have died in the last three years due to…

Know Your SDGs: The Role of Sustainable Agriculture in Ending Hunger and Achieving Food Security

September marks a key step in global development’s future. U.N. member states will convene the Sustainable Development Summit  this September to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — a set of 17 newly proposed goals to guide the global development community in improving the lives of the poor and eradicating poverty. The SDGs expand on and refine the Millennium Development…