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Senior Specialist Vieshnavi Rattehalli

Vieshnavi Rattehalli is a senior specialist on the Peace, Stability, and Transition Practice at Chemonics. She is a conflict and stabilization specialist with professional experience spanning stabilization programming with USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives, monitoring & evaluation of USAID and DFID-funded programs, and peacebuilding and conflict prevention work.

by Vieshnavi Rattehalli

What Does a Systems Approach to Conflict Prevention Look Like?

Today’s conflicts are long, intractable, and more complicated than ever. The last decade saw a marked rise in state-based armed conflict for the first time since the end of the Cold War, all involving non-state actors. Radicalization, organized crime, climate change — and now pandemics — bring new challenges to convoluted conflict systems. Yet, the…

Trust Between Government, Civil Society Bringing More Transparency and Accountability in Tanzania

How can the global development community improve governmental transparency and accountability? This week, civil society actors and partners are gathering in Bogota to consider this question, and specifically, the role of civil society in promoting positive change while spurring accountable practices and institutions. Chemonics’ projects often engage local actors in strengthening accountability. Through these efforts,…