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Deputy Chief of Party, Jordan Water Governance Activity (WGA) Tamer Al-Assa’d

Tamer Al-Assa’d is a Water Utility, Governance, and Infrastructure Expert with roughly 20 years of experience working for donors and the private and public sectors. Tamer managed and worked on many projects in the fields of project design, planning, development and management of water and sewerage infrastructure, water utility management, water governance and institutional development, water utility financial planning and analysis, water pricing and tariff restructuring, strategic planning, water and energy economics, water resources management, Private Sector Participation (PSP), monitoring and evaluation, data management, feasibility and assessment studies, and training and capacity building.

Currently, he is Chemonics’ Deputy Chief of Party-Technical/ Senior Water Utility Expert for USAID’s Jordan Water Governance Activity. Tamer previously worked in several full-time managerial positions with international and local organizations including: Tetra Tech, AECOM Saudi Arabia, the Prime Ministry of Jordan, Millennium Challenge Account – Jordan, the Water Authority of Jordan, and ECO Consult, and also as a consultant for World Bank, Stockholm International Water Institute, FAO, UNDP, GIZ, AFD, and other local and international companies.

He is a Hubert Humphrey Fellow in Urban and Regional Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, holds an MBA with distinction from University of Kent in the UK, and was the top student in his MSc in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering program at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Tamer is an author and/or co-author of 25 publications in international journals and conferences and is a reviewer for several publications related to his field of expertise.

by Tamer Al-Assa’d

For a Precious Resource like Water, Good Governance Matters

In complex environments with political challenges and evolving conflict dynamics, equitable access to water and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services is increasingly critical and yet often constrained by ineffective or outdated governance systems. Not only are governance initiatives central to meeting the challenges that rapid urbanization poses for the provision of WASH services, but…

Artificial Groundwater Recharge to a Semi-Arid Basin: Case Study of Mujib Aquifer, Jordan

This study was authored by Tamer A. Al-Assa’d and Fayez Ahmad Abdulla, and discusses artificial groundwater recharge as one of the important options to face water scarcity in Jordan, and to improve groundwater storage in the aquifer.

Jordan Water Demand Management Study: On Behalf of the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation in Cooperation with the French Development Agency (AFD)

Tamer A. Al-Assa’d, Heinz Peter Wolff, Emad Al-Karablieh and Ali Subah authored this 2012 study, which reviewed and analyzed situations in different sectors of water consumption, updated information on water values, and applied economic assessment approaches to selected cases of ongoing WDM activities.

Estimation of the Economic Value of Irrigation Water in Jordan

Tamer A. Al-Assa’d et al conducted this 2012 study to garner insight into the different values of water that are essential to support rational decision making about policies, management and investments in the water sector. The main objective of this paper is to estimate an economic value of irrigation water in Jordan by choosing appropriate methodology to fit with available data.

Recognizing the Economic Value of Domestic Water in Jordan as a Way for Appropriate Setting of Water Pricing

This paper, prepared by Tamer A. Al-Assa’d, Emad Al-Karablieh, Amer Salman and Heinz Peter Wolff in 2011, is intended to estimate the value of water used for domestic purposes as a way to assist in setting the appropriate water tariff and through recognizing the actual economic value of water.

The Need For Residential Water and Wastewater Tariff Restructuring In Jordan And Its Impact On The Poor

This study was prepared for the First Arab Water Conference in 2010, and discusses the strong need to improve the cost recovery level of the Water Authority of Jordan and restructure the residential water and wastewater tariff in Jordan.