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Chief of Party, Jordan Water Governance Activity Shaun McNally

Shaun McNally’s 30-year career is founded on the belief that effective governance can improve people’s lives. His expertise resides in effective governance generally – systems, policies, legislation, and performance monitoring – that is applied across many sectors, including public financial management.

Internationally, he has served as Chief of Party for USAID projects in Jordan, Somalia, Albania, Afghanistan, and Armenia, Deputy Chief of Party, USAID Food Security / FFP contract staff in Iraq, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia. In the United States, he was a three-term legislator from Connecticut, congressional staffer, Connecticut Early Childhood Association executive director, CBIA public affairs director, campaign manager, anti-poverty worker, and U.S. Congress candidate. Shaun currently serves as Chief of Party for the USAID/Jordan Water Governance Activity. The project purpose is to achieve measurable improvements and greater sustainability of the water sector by providing technical assistance to strengthen the government of Jordan’s reform, policy development and implementation, and capacity-building efforts.