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Former Director Sarah Grausz

Sarah Grausz is a former director in Chemonics’ Education and Youth Practice.

by Sarah Grausz

Radical Transparency: 3 Benefits of Formative Assessment in Promoting Student Learning

Education is a fundamental building block for human development and a vital precursor for a country’s overall growth and advancement. When countries prioritize the provision of high-quality primary education, they experience long-term positive correlations in workforce development, economic growth, life expectancy, and democracy and governance processes. USAID’s Education Strategy reflects this fact through a strong…

Open and Online Education for All Youth

Internet connectivity is to us what the internal combustion engine, the printing press, or the compass were to previous generations. It continues to revolutionize our world at an astonishing rate. For the 75 million unemployed youth between the ages of 15 and 24, it offers a means to prosperity and a better life through provision…