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Chief of Party, USAID Violence Prevention and Reduction Activity (PREVI) Raúl Soto

Raúl Soto is a violence and crime prevention expert with local and international experience in academia, the Mexican government and civil society. He currently serves as the chief of party for the Violence Prevention and Reduction Activity (PREVI) in Mexico. Prior to joining Chemonics, Raúl has worked with the FICOSEC’s Citizen Observatory, the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization in the US-Mexico border region, and the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence Against Women in México. He has partnered with research centers to develop innovative violence prevention strategies in regions of Mexico and strengthened alliances with local government and civil society to support security and justice efforts. Raúl has also been an active contributor to the dialogue of violence prevention and security through conferences, panels, and forums in the public and academic sectors; he currently has more than five book chapters on citizen security issues published.

by Raúl Soto

Ciudad y Seguridad Las Comunidades y Los Derechos Ciudadanos

Raúl Soto co-authored a chapter entitled "Open and Closed Borders in Violent Contexts," as part of the published book "City and Security Communities and Citizen Rights in the Co-Production of Security." This chapter seeks to reflect on the violence that occurs in border territories, and examines if the border is a catalyst for practices that generate violence simply because of its condition, or if it occurs based on its openness.