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Program Manager Rachel Chaikof

Rachel Chaikof is a program manager in Chemonics’ Supply Chain Solutions Division.

by Rachel Chaikof

Going the Extra Mile to Reach the Last Mile

Two supply chain experts, Bongisiwe Mosekoa and Fikreslassie Alemu, share strategies they’ve applied in Eswatini and Ethiopia to address social factors and systems challenges behind medical commodity uptake, implement inclusive delivery practices for last mile distribution, and ensure sustained health outcomes for everyone, including underserved populations such as people living with HIV/AIDS, youth, pastoralists and…

Building an Inclusive and Accessible Remote Work Environment

This post originally appeared on Inclusive Development Partners Blog. Beyond the fact that many employers worldwide are required to provide reasonable accommodations , creating accessible and inclusive remote work environments can drive productivity and innovation as well as increase morale. In fact, working remotely has been considered a reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. And while ensuring inclusiveness, accessibility, and…

Making the Future Accessible: Safeguarding Women with Disabilities in the Workplace

Girls and women with disabilities experience up to 10 times more gender-based violence than those without disabilities (United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) global study). This can include physical or sexual violence, often perpetrated by family members or neighbors who know they are alone at home. To compound the situation further, women with disabilities have a…