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Director of Programs, United Kingdom Division Mohammad Youssef

Mohammad Youssef is an expert in information security with 15 years of experience across the Middle East region and in conflict environments, including Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and Algeria with a variety of local and international companies in different sectors. He currently leads implementation in Syria to provide modern education support, stabilization, counter-violent extremism, and governance capacity building for emerging structures. Mohammad participated in delivery and program design for U.K. clients including the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), as well as with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. He also has experience in remote management and distance learning, developing and facilitating training across different technical sectors including safety and cybersecurity for human rights activists, journalists, and civil society organizations. Mohammad is a researcher in developing tech solutions to support education and international development and is currently pursuing his M.S. in IT security management at Arden University.

by Mohammad Youssef

3 Questions with Mohammad Youssef: COVID-19, Technology, and Innovation

COVID-19 has forced the development community to pivot programming and innovate to bridge the physical divide that social distancing has imposed. Mohammad Youssef is the director of programs for the U.S. State Department-funded Injaz education project in Syria. In this blog, Mohammad reflects on new COVID-induced challenges, and how his background in IT has helped him…