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Former Writer-Editor Matthew R.G. Regan

Matthew R.G. Regan is a former writer-editor in Chemonics’ Strategic Solutions and Communications Division and a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy.

by Matthew R.G. Regan

5 Surprising Facts About Indonesia — and Why They Matter for Global Development

There are several countries that often come up when people talk about international development and the global economy, countries that need not be listed because you can probably already name them. Indonesia is not usually among them, but as these five facts show, there is a lot at stake in this large and incredibly diverse…

Development Ethics: Hiding in Plain Sight

Of all the reasons to travel to Costa Rica, attending a philosophy conference is probably not very high on the list. And yet, for that very reason, I found myself on a plane this July, in the company of tourists and travelers whose destinations included pristine beaches, isolated ecolodges, and bohemian hideaways. My destination, perhaps…