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Chief of Party Marcos Moreno

Marcos Moreno is an agriculture and youth development expert with more than 25 years of experience, including 15 years at senior management levels, creating sustainable economic opportunities for the next generation via agribusiness development projects in East Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Throughout his career, he has combined agricultural knowledge with innovative business expertise to link private and public sector resources to benefit target populations, including youth and women; create viable, market-driven economic opportunities along key value chains; and promote sustainable skills and strengthen livelihoods. He has extensive experience in identifying ways to integrate female and young farmers to add value to agricultural sectors and key value chains in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, and Colombia. Mr. Moreno is a creative, entrepreneurial, and motivating leader with a record of managing diverse teams and maintaining relationships with diverse stakeholders and partners, including host-country governments and USAID.

by Marcos Moreno

3 Tips to Walk the Talk on Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting

Collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) is an approach championed by USAID to help projects work effectively with partners, reflect on implementation, and change course when needed. The concept is simple, but implementing the approach in practice is another story. With projects’ detailed scopes of work and precise indicator targets, it can be difficult to figure out…