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Director Marc Luoma

Marc Luoma is a director and human resources for health advisor in Chemonics’ Global Health Division.

by Marc Luoma

National Health Workforce Accounts: Better Data for Better Decisions

As the human resources director at the Ministry of Health, you know your country has health workforce challenges. You know that certain regions in the country suffer from maldistribution of health workers with challenges for retention in rural, hard to reach areas. Your reports show that health workers are stationed in rural posts but there…

20 Years of Evolution in Human Resources for Health

The 69th World Health Assembly presents a significant milestone for those of us who work in human resources for health (HRH): HRH has finally been recognized as a foundational principle in reaching world health goals. More so now than at any other point in history, the public health community is devoting significant attention and effort…

When There Is No Money to Hire More: Helping HIV/AIDS Health Care Workers to Be as Productive as They Can Be

We need to face facts: In many developing countries, there simply isn’t any money to hire more health care workers. According to WHO there is a global shortage of more than 7 million health care workers; 83 countries fall below WHO’s basic recommendation on of 23 health care providers per 10,000 population. By 2035, that…