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Senior Specialist, Economic Growth and Trade Liz Keller

Liz Keller is a senior specialist on the global economic growth and trade practice team at Chemonics International, where she facilitates cross-project learning and connections, supports business development in economic growth programming, and engages with the wider development industry. She specializes in enterprise competitiveness, with previous experience working at a small business development center and chamber of commerce, as well as experience designing multi-sectoral programs using a market systems approach. Ms. Keller has supported economic development efforts across USAID-funded programs, focusing the majority of her career in Europe and Eurasia.

by Liz Keller

The Next Global Shock: Will Tourism Be Ready?

With progress lagging towards reaching the 2030 sustainable development goals amidst compounding macroeconomic crises, the tourism sector offers an opportunity to accelerate inclusive and sustainable economic growth towards full and productive employment. However, recent events such as the global COVID-19 pandemic revealed how vulnerable the tourism sector is to external shocks – especially ones that…

Advancing the Green Economy Through Market-Based Approaches

Climate change is a global crisis that threatens every aspect of economic growth. Since enterprises are drivers of economic growth, applying market-based approaches that use business models and market forces to address development and humanitarian challenges more sustainably and at scale is essential for building climate-resilient and sustainable economies. Market-based approaches will need strong collaboration across technical sectors and market actors,…