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Senior Specialist, Economic Growth and Trade Liz Keller

Liz Keller is a senior specialist on the global economic growth and trade practice team at Chemonics International, where she facilitates cross-project learning and connections, supports business development in economic growth programming, and engages with the wider development industry. She specializes in enterprise competitiveness, with previous experience working at a small business development center and chamber of commerce, as well as experience designing multi-sectoral programs using a market systems approach. Ms. Keller has supported economic development efforts across USAID-funded programs, focusing the majority of her career in Europe and Eurasia.

by Liz Keller

Advancing the Green Economy Through Market-Based Approaches

Climate change is a global crisis that threatens every aspect of economic growth. Since enterprises are drivers of economic growth, applying market-based approaches that use business models and market forces to address development and humanitarian challenges more sustainably and at scale is essential for building climate-resilient and sustainable economies. Market-based approaches will need strong collaboration across technical sectors and market actors,…