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Director Laura Petruzelli

Laura Petruzelli is a director in Chemonics’ Supply Chain Solutions Division.

by Laura Petruzelli

3 Questions with Cristina Hardaga: Advancing Human Rights and Women’s Rights in Mexico

Why is inclusion important for the development of Mexico? Mexico is a culturally rich and diverse country with a wealth of natural resources, but also a very unequal country. The already large divide between poor and rich is even wider for women in poverty, who experience the worst development outcomes according to regular evaluations. Being…

The Case for Dinosaurs and Fruit Flies in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

At the Global Health Supply Chain Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we had the opportunity to hear about innovations, public-private partnerships, and other unique solutions that actors from various points of pharmaceutical supply chains are utilizing to solve last mile challenges. Unmanned aerial vehicles, blockchains, Uber-like mobile phone applications for delivery of essential medicines,…