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Photo of Juan Baltasar Mejia Delgado

Deputy Chief of Party for Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Activity Juan Baltasar Mejia Delgado

Juan Baltasar Mejía Delgado is the deputy chief of party for the Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Activity (ARCO). He has 19 years of experience promoting sustainable economic development by applying demand/market-driven solutions in supporting agricultural producers, fishermen, and micro, small, and medium enterprises; working in higher education and workforce development; and consulting in the development and international cooperation fields. Juan Baltasar has 12 years of experience in management positions and consultancy within U.S. government projects working in the design and execution of initiatives aimed at the generating income and jobs in Central America, mainly in El Salvador, through alliances with both the public and the private sectors. He joined Chemonics in 2009 and worked projects such as the Management of Aquatic Resources and Economic Alternatives program and the  El Salvador Small and Medium Enterprise Development Program (PDPYME) He received his B.A. in business and economics from the Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios in El Salvador and his M.A. in development studies with a major in public policy and management from Erasmus University’s Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands.