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Former Manager Ilisa Gertner

Ilisa Gertner is a former manager in Chemonics’ West Africa and Haiti regional business unit and former deputy chief of party on USAID’s Maximizing Agricultural Revenue and Key Enterprises in Targeted Sites II (MARKETS II) project.

by Ilisa Gertner

When Projects Close: Lessons Learned from an Ex-Post Study

As international development professionals, we strive for sustainable project results and an evidence base for our approaches. But the truth is we don’t always know what happens to our efforts after a project closes. Chemonics recently conducted a self-financed ex-post study of a former agriculture project to fill that information gap. While the team did…

Celebrating Nigeria’s Food and Agriculture Markets

This post was originally published by the Global Harvest Initiative, and is cross-posted with permission. Nigeria has a powerful potential for productive agriculture with linkages to growing consumer demand. Living in Abuja and working in the field of agriculture, I witness this potential of agriculture to help improve the lives of farmers, not only in…