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Blog Contributor Hillary Eason

Hillary Eason is a former manager in Chemonics’ Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology Department.

by Hillary Eason

Innovation: It’s Not a Mystery

One of the most common areas of confusion when talking about innovation, especially in the development world, is the difference between being innovative, facilitating (or fostering) innovation, and creating a culture (or an ecosystem) of innovation. For practitioners who already face significant time and resource constraints, it can be hard to differentiate between these buzzword-y…

Applying the Principles for Digital Development to Real-World Challenges

It’s easy enough to talk about using the Principles for Digital Development (PDD). This set of best practices for technology usage, developed by donors, implementers, and stakeholders around the world, has been increasingly embraced the past few years and with good reason: they provide straightforward, intuitive guidance on how to choose and use appropriate technology…

A User is a User: 3 Tips from the Private Sector for Human-Centered Design

The development world is no stranger to human-centered design. Many of the basic principles — working with stakeholders to understand their needs, reframing core issues, taking a pilot-based approach to program design and refinement — have been part of the development discourse, in one form or another, for the last few decades. And as a formalized process, it’s…