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Managing Director, Transitions Unit Garrett Dorer

Garrett Dorer is a democracy and governance and transitions expert with nearly 20 years of experience leading USAID-funded projects in the Middle East. His expertise includes political transitions in conflict and post-conflict environments, government reform and capacity building, civil society development, and human rights. He has served as chief of party of five major initiatives: USAID/OTI Syria Regional Program I and II, the USAID West Bank/Gaza Palestinian Authority Capacity Enhancement project, USAID/Egypt Combating Violence Against Women and Children project, and USAID West Bank/Gaza Civil Society and Democracy Strengthening project. He currently leads global training efforts for the nearly 5,000 Chemonics’ staff worldwide as managing director of the International Development Professional Training Hub. He holds a B.A. in political science from UCLA and an M.A. in Middle East studies from the American University in Cairo.

by Garrett Dorer

3 Questions with Garrett Dorer about Remote Management in the Era of COVID-19

While most development projects use some form of remote management — U.S.-based home offices oversee project offices, main offices in capitals oversee satellite offices, and teams are distributed across multiple countries (e.g., FEWS NET) — the COVID-19 pandemic presents uncharted territories for many in the global development sector. Travel and movement restrictions, work from home…