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Former Manager Gabriel Pincus

Gabriel Pincus is a former manager in Chemonics’ Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Department.

by Gabriel Pincus

Developing Countries Can Leapfrog Today’s Urban Infrastructure

At the foundation of every city are the physical systems that deliver water and power, dispose of solid waste and sewage, transport people and commodities, and transmit communications. Delivery of these basic infrastructure services to exponentially growing populations is a massive technological, financial, and governance challenge in cities of the developing world. However, the lack…

When to Use (and Not Use) an SMS Survey

With mobile phone penetration rates exceeding 80 percent in many developing countries, development organizations have a new and exciting way of communicating with and collecting information from beneficiaries and stakeholders. Paired with the growing emphasis on evidence-based decisions, collecting data through SMS surveys has generated a significant following and an array of tools for design and…