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Former Director, Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Francesca Molinaro

Francesca Molinaro is the former director of diversity and inclusion at Chemonics.

by Francesca Molinaro

Beginning the D&I Journey: 5 Questions to Ask

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Execute a few simple steps. Do it again and again and … poof, success! While this formulaic approach may work for some organizational processes, the path toward a successful diversity and inclusion (D&I) program for your workplace can be nonlinear and messy. For those of us who have worked in this arena,…

Making it to the Top: What Successful Women Do Differently

The Case of the Vanishing Women isn’t the title of the latest mystery novel. It is what happens as women progress through their careers. As they move up the corporate ladder, women fall off at every successive rung. The vast majority never make it to the top. Among Fortune 500 CEOs, it is just as…

When It Comes to Diversity, Don’t Assume — Assess

We are mission-driven. We care about people. We have a passion for making a difference in the world. This is the siren song of international development. The global nature of our work, our highly competent and compassionate people, and our noble intentions make it easy to believe that as an industry, we are insulated from…