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Former Senior Specialist, Digital Development Eugénie Lund-Simon

Eugénie Lund-Simon is a former senior specialist at Chemonics.

by Eugénie Lund-Simon

Making Central Bank Digital Currencies Work for Development

Money is going digital, full steam ahead. Within the past five years, interest around Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) has exploded. Nearly 100 CBDCs are currently in research or development stages, with CBDCs in Nigeria and the Bahamas already launched. Unlike volatile cryptocurrency assets (e.g., bitcoin and stablecoins), CBDCs offer promising development benefits through central…

Proud and Loud Resilience Programming

Although international development programs often seek to extend aid efforts to the LGBTQ community as part of an inclusive development approach, these efforts can fail in places where there is a significant dichotomy between the program’s goals and the host country’s legislative and religious norms. LGBTQ efforts can be sidelined when aid efforts focus on…