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Former Executive Vice President Eric Reading

Former Executive Vice President Eric Reading joined Chemonics in 1994. He served in leadership roles in the both the field and the home office. As senior vice president, he significantly expanded Chemonics’ work in the Middle East region and subsequently led the Afghanistan and Pakistan region. Prior to joining the executive team, he worked in Kosovo and Egypt as chief of party and technical advisor for institutional strengthening programs. Eric’s development technical experience crosses a range of sectors, including governance, infrastructure, economic development, financial services, and agriculture, and he has significant experience in post-conflict recovery. In addition to overseeing the implementation of Chemonics’ development and transition work globally, he led internal systems strengthening. Eric holds an M.A. from Florida State University and is a PhD candidate in Governance and Globalization at Virginia Tech.

by Eric Reading

Confronting Unconscious Bias with Factfulness

Today, the economic, medical, and governance systems of many of the countries where international development professionals work are more comparable to those in the United States than many people realize. Increasingly, these countries demonstrate the characteristics we know lead to healthy, independent lifestyles for their citizens, even as they accept aid. Unfortunately, these countries are…