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Director, Citizen Security Initiative Enrique Betancourt

Enrique Betancourt is the director of the Citizens Security Initiative at Chemonics, where he contributes to a portfolio of citizen security and justice projects implemented across Latin America and the Caribbean. His work focuses on establishing collaborative mechanisms that bridge the gap between the design and implementation of evidence-based citizen security policies at the national and local levels. Enrique is a recurring contributor in panels and publications for relevant think tanks in Washington, D.C. and the Americas. He also advises high-level officials in the strategic implementation of priority policies.

Prior to joining Chemonics, Enrique was the executive director of the National Center for Crime Prevention and senior social policy advisor at the President’s Office of the Government of Mexico.

Enrique is a Yale World Fellow, holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, and holds a master’s degree in urban design from Harvard University.

by Enrique Betancourt

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