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Water Conservation/Demand Management Team Leader, USAID Water Governance Activity (WGA) Dr. Amer Jabarin

Dr. Amer Jabarin is a senior economist with over 35 years of experience in international development, in Jordan and throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, in particular in water economics, IWDM, agribusiness, food security, value chains, socioeconomic, environmental assessments, environmental economics, quantitative policy analyses, outreach and strategic action planning. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University (1994) and received an extensive training on quantitative policy analysis at Stanford University-Food Research Institute (1989). Amer has served as the Chief of Party of the USAID Public Action Program (2009-2011), Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) of USAID – LIVCD project in Lebanon (2014-2016), and the DCOP of the DFID-Syria Resilience Program (SRP) (2017-2020).

Amer has worked with academia, governments, international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector. He led tens of teams of professionals in more than 18 countries in the MENA and Asia region including Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Qatar, UAE, PA, USA, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. Through this experience, he has gained a keen understanding of the unique economic and social challenges facing the MENA region, honed and proven his skills to collaborate with a wide range of decision-makers and to build coalitions and consensus, and earned a reputation as a team builder who delivers sustainable results under the most strenuous circumstances.

by Dr. Amer Jabarin

Evolution of the Role of the Agricultural Sector in the Food Security of Jordan: A SWOT Analysis after a Century of Establishment

This 2021 paper discusses the effects Jordan's large population increase has had on the limited resources available to its agricultural sector and its impacts on food security.

The Water Perspective in the Jordanian Agricultural Export Competitiveness “An Analysis of Selected Products in Jordan Valley”

Amer S Jabarin and E Al-Karablieh authored this 2012 study to analyze the relationships between the productive process in Jordan and the commercial trade with water resources used by them. The findings contradict not only the comparative advantages theory but also the resources sustainability logic.

Water Demand Management in Yemen and Jordan: Addressing Power and Interests

In this paper, Amer Jabarin et al investigate the extent to which entrenched interests of stakeholder groups both maintain water use practice, and may be confronted in Yemen and Jordan.