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Chief of Party Antonio Mussa

Antonio Mussa is the chief of party for USAID’s Integrated Malaria Program (IMaP).

by Antonio Mussa

Three Successful Approaches for Reducing the Malaria Burden in Mozambique

Globally, only a small handful of countries are responsible for 95 percent of all malaria cases and deaths. In 2019, five countries made up more than half of the 229 million global case burden, while six countries accounted for 51 percent of the 409,000 malaria deaths. That same year, Mozambique was on both lists and accounted for…

3 Questions with Antonio Mussa: Cyclones, COVID-19, and Antimalarial Interventions

Devastating cyclones and global pandemics like COVID-19 can distract Mozambicans from addressing the pervasive problem of malaria, which is often seen as a part of daily life even though it is responsible for 29 percent of all deaths in the country. As COVID-19 spreads through Mozambique’s northern provinces, Antonio Mussa, chief of party of the Chemonics-led…