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Headshot photo of Ahmed Al Khameri

Team Leader of The Yemen Support Fund, Chemonics UK Ahmed Al Khameri

Ahmed Al Khameri is the Team Leader for the FCDO-funded programme, The Yemen Support Fund. Previously, he was Programme Director for the FCDO-funded Yemen Peacebuilding Program – Josoor, a four-year program to resolve local conflict and enhance social cohesion. Ahmed also served as a project manager for the FCDO’s Syria Education Program, Manahel. Prior to joining Chemonics, he spent seven years serving in governance advisory roles to DFID with an emphasis on Yemen conflict dynamics. Most recently, he was the governance advisor under the DFID Yemen team leading DFID’s stabilization and governance efforts. Ahmed holds a Master’s in International Politics from City University London and is a fluent Arabic speaker.

by Ahmed Al Khameri

Incentivising and Stabilising a Peace Process Through Sensitive and Responsive Programming

Complex conflicts across Africa and Asia are posing a significant threat to regional and international stability. These conflicts are influenced by various factors including vested interests of superpowers, strategic alignments of regional actors, political leadership, availability of resources, and the number of armed actors. This makes it difficult for conflict resolution actors and programmes to…

In Conversation with Ahmed Al Khameri: A Career in International Development

Ahmed Al Khameri is the Team Leader for a programme funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) – The Yemen Support Fund. Ahmed came to this role having directed Chemonics International’s UK Yemen portfolio, including the design, start-up and delivery of the Yemen Support Fund and the Yemen Peacebuilding Program –…

What Does a Systems Approach to Conflict Prevention Look Like?

Today’s conflicts are long, intractable, and more complicated than ever. The last decade saw a marked rise in state-based armed conflict for the first time since the end of the Cold War, all involving non-state actors. Radicalization, organized crime, climate change — and now pandemics — bring new challenges to convoluted conflict systems. Yet, the…

Creating a Sustainable Peace Deal in Yemen: A Discussion with Ahmed Al Khameri

Six years into the Yemen conflict, the war shows no sign of abating. The situation is dire: 80% of Yemen’s population of 30 million requires some form of humanitarian assistance; nearly half the population is in acute need. With violence spilling across Yemen’s borders and threatening maritime security in the Red Sea’s strategically important Bab el-Mandab Strait, regional…