Chemonics International Inc. issued an Indefinite Quantity Subcontract (IQS) subcontract with firm fixed price (FFP) task orders for providing ad-hoc and on-demand environmental compliance support and technical assistance services to United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded programs to interested offerors on and after July 12, 2021. While individual task order services will vary based on programmatic needs, Chemonics International anticipates requesting the following environmental compliance and support services:

  1. Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (EMMP)
  2. Climate Risk Management (CRM)
  3. Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plan (PERSUAP) 
  4. Scoping Statement (SS)
  5. Environmental Assessment (EA)
  6. Capacity Building (e.g., developing and delivering training material)

Chemonics invites all interested parties and responsible organizations to submit a proposal in accordance with the requirements of the RFP no later than 9:00am EST on July 22, 2021. To request the RFP, please contact Sophia Dahodwala ( Amendment 01 of the RPF will be sent to offerors who requested the RFP by this deadline on/about July 26, 2021. To ensure receipt of the RFP and amendments, please whitelist as well as the ‘’ domain.

The following are the anticipated key dates and deadlines for this procurement. The final dates are subject to change/and the full RFP will be provided to interested parties who request the RFP. The solicitation process will follow the chronological list of proposal events listed below: 

RFP Reference Number: Chemonics-CES-IQS-RFP-001

RFP Release Date: July 12, 2021

Deadline for Questions: 5:30 PM ET, July 19, 2021

Final date to request RFP: 9:00 AM ET, July 22, 2021

Answers Provided to Questions: July 26, 2021

Amendment 01 provided to interested offerors: July 26, 2021

Proposal Due Date: 5:30 PM ET, August 6, 2021

IQS Award (Estimated): October 29, 2021

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