Cross-Border Community Resilience (CBCR) Activity, implemented by Chemonics International (and Subcontractor ACDI/VOCA), is seeking grant applications for implementation of evidence-based research and assessments. Grants will be awarded and implemented in accordance with USAID and US Government regulations governing grants under contracts and CBCR’s internal grant management policies.

Project and Chemonics employees may not ask for, and applicants are prohibited from offering, any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or compensation to obtain or reward improper favorable treatment regarding this solicitation. Any improper request from a project employee should be reported to the Chief of Party or

The deadline for offers in response to this RFA is 5 p.m. EAT March 24, 2022.

RFA No. CBCR-RFA-001-2022, Implementation of Evidence-Based Research and Assessments

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