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News: Chemonics Welcomes New President and CEO Jamey Butcher

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On April 1, 2020, Jamey Butcher begins his role as the fifth president and CEO of Chemonics International. He succeeds Susanna Mudge, who served as president and CEO for seven years.

Jamey Butcher has become the fifth president and CEO of Chemonics International. As the lead executive for the international development consulting firm, Mr. Butcher will lead Chemonics’ workforce of more than 5,000 specialists in achieving its mission to promote meaningful change around the world and help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives.

Mr. Butcher has served more than 20 years with Chemonics, gaining experience in enterprise development, international trade and competitiveness, and supply chain solutions. He has held multiple leadership positions in the company, including chief of party in Armenia. As senior vice president of Chemonics’ Europe and Eurasia and Africa regional divisions, he diversified and expanded the company’s portfolio and developed a quality assurance approach to business development practices. After being named executive vice president in 2013, Mr. Butcher helped create the Global Health and the Strategic Solutions and Communications divisions. In the latter, he championed the development of Chemonics’ knowledge sharing and learning hub, which provides continual learning opportunities for Chemonics’ global network of employees. Later, Mr. Butcher spent two years leading Chemonics’ Global Health and Supply Chain Office, created in 2017.

“Jamey’s strong leadership and management capabilities have been integral to the success of Chemonics. His innovative ideas, results orientation, and ability to lead diverse groups to achieve common goals will serve him well in this role,” said former president and CEO Susanna Mudge. “His innate ability to think outside the box makes him an ideal president and CEO, and I am confident that he will lead Chemonics with ingenuity, integrity, and unwavering dedication to our mission, vision, and values.”

Mr. Butcher moves into the CEO and president position as Ms. Mudge comes to the end of her seven-year term in the role. Chemonics’ governance structure limits CEO and presidency terms to seven years. Chemonics has a tradition of remaining engaged with those who have served as the company’s president and CEO, and Ms. Mudge will continue to chair Chemonics’ board. She is the first woman to serve in this role.

As Chemonics’ fifth president and CEO, Mr. Butcher plans to continue to expand opportunities for staff, ensure an interconnected global workforce, and bring innovation to the forefront of global development.

“I’m honored and excited to become Chemonics’ fifth president and CEO. I strongly believe in our talented and dedicated professionals around the world and am humbled to have the opportunity to lead the company forward. Drawing on our values of caring, opportunity, excellence, innovation, and integrity, I look forward to working with Chemonics’ Board, leadership team, and all of our global teams to continue to make a positive difference and serve others around the world together.”

Mr. Butcher holds an M.A. from American University in international political economy and his B.A. in political science from Colorado State University.

To learn more about Mr. Butcher, watch a clip from a recent conversation between he and Ms. Mudge about his leadership style and three character traits he values.