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News: Chemonics Launches New Climate Group

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Chemonics International is proud to announce the formation of the Climate Group. The group will work to reduce climate change and our global footprint.

Chemonics International announced today the launch of the development firm’s Climate Group to consolidate and deepen its climate change response efforts across its diverse portfolio and global business operations. Chemonics’ Climate Group is an answer to the escalating climate crisis, a defining issue of our lifetime and an urgent call for action, and will lead the firm’s climate resilience services, including climate risk identification and climate mitigation and adaptation action.

“Climate change is an existential threat, imperiling development progress and increasing inequities across the globe. Through the Climate Group, we will draw from our existing climate and environmental management capacity into a unified platform resulting in improved climate integration, responses, and services,” said Chemonics Executive Vice President Anna Slother.

In partnership with its network of 5,800 people in 90 countries, Chemonics’ Climate Group will use a data-driven approach to better understand climate and related environmental risks and opportunities within its project portfolio and operations, establishing systems to identify and manage these risks, adjust processes, and continually improve its services.

“We know how important it is for net zero goals to be based on a careful assessment of an organization’s historical carbon emissions and to establish scientifically based targets for incremental reductions to reach net zero. This is our commitment to take conscious, concrete actions to protect the natural environment underpinning livelihoods, health, and economic growth and to measure and report the results of our efforts,” explained Chemonics’ Climate Group Managing Director Chris Perine.

Chemonics is working with an expert firm specializing in corporate carbon emissions reduction planning and implementation to achieve net zero. As part of this effort, Chemonics is taking a systematic approach to establish its historical carbon emissions footprint and to set reduction targets to ultimately reach a net zero goal. To do this, it is collecting and analyzing data from its operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the globe.

“The creation of the Climate Group builds on our acquisition of Nexant Government Services last year, which enhanced our multidisciplinary offering in energy and ability to help address the global challenges of providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to the 1.2 billion people around the world who lack reliable access,” Chemonics President and CEO Jamey Butcher said.

Chemonics believes that high-quality, environmentally sound international development programming is a critical tool to confront today’s environmental and climate crises and the even greater threats on the horizon. The launch of the Climate Group is a step forward in Chemonics’ partnership with people and countries around the globe to create a positive and lasting impact against climate change.