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News: Chemonics CEO Named Chair of Council of International Development Companies

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The Professional Services Council’s Council of International Development Companies (CIDC) has named Chemonics President and CEO Susanna Mudge as the CIDC chair for 2015.

The Professional Services Council’s Council of International Development Companies (CIDC) has named Chemonics President and CEO Susanna Mudge as the CIDC chair for 2015. Her appointment was announced at CIDC’s Annual Conference on November 18 in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Mudge has been closely involved with the CIDC since its inception in 2011, most recently as a member of the CIDC’s Executive Advisory Board. She joined Chemonics in 1992, serving in many key leadership positions. In her message to CIDC members at the conference, she reflected on CIDC’s growth and progress in advocating for the critical role development companies play in the development ecosystem. She also shared her vision of elevating the role of its members as innovators whose creative solutions energize development and change lives around the world.

“I’d like to elevate our role not just as great implementing partners, but as thought leaders, innovators, and sources of best practices,” she said.

“We are extremely fortunate to have two great executives so dedicated to the success of the nation’s international development goals in CIDC leadership roles,” said Professional Services Council President and CEO Stan Soloway, referring to Ms. Mudge and the 2014 chair, Jim Boomgard of Development Alternatives Inc.

The other board members will remain in their current positions in the year ahead.

The CIDC is a platform for U.S.-based development companies to discuss ongoing development issues; educate audiences about the role that firms play in achieving accountable, transparent, and sustainable development that supports U.S. national security, economic, and humanitarian goals; and advocate on contracting, regulatory, legislative, business process, and business development issues.