Looking Ahead to the Next 40 Years

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In 2015, Chemonics celebrated our 40th anniversary. As such milestones often do, it provided us with an opportunity to look back at our history, plan for our future, and celebrate with our friends. I was especially gratified to see so many of our staff all over the world join the celebration.

In many ways, looking back on our previous four decades has galvanized us for what is ahead, and 2015 was an amazing year for those of us who are passionate about improving the lives of people throughout the world.

We all know we are facing enormous challenges, from global health and education to poverty alleviation and climate change. But with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in September, we have not only an ambitious framework for tackling those challenges, but unprecedented coordination to do it. And just this month, world leaders gathered in Paris to commit to joining together to battle the effects of climate change.

Yes, as of today, those agreements are merely plans. The challenges I mentioned are still ahead of us, along with many more. But if I have learned anything by looking back over our 40 years of work, it is that when people aim high and work together, we can achieve extraordinary results. It is that drive that gives me hope.

As we round out the year, I want to take one more opportunity to say thank you, not only to those who have stood side by side with Chemonics over the past 40 years, but to all of you who are working to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives. We each have something to contribute to this effort, and if we keeping working together and challenging each other, we can and will accomplish great things.