LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Solutions Summit

The global LGBTQI+ inclusion landscape varies vastly, from positive advancements to huge setbacks. For each success achieved by advocates and allies, daily instances of harassment, discrimination, and violence continue to impact the lived experiences of the LGBTQI+ community.  In many contexts, LGBTQI+ human rights are being weaponized to undermine hard-fought gains and fuel democratic backsliding. These challenges…

Climate Finance for a Just Transition: A Forum on Blended Finance and Catalytic Strategies

As we mobilise capital flows to deliver a net zero future, a just transition means ensuring the benefits are shared widely and embedded successfully, with no one left behind. Financial institutions and governments have been ramping up their commitments to a just transition, but many need to better understand the rationale, implications, and applications of…

Forum on New Challenges and Opportunities for Multisectoral Governance

Successful governance systems demonstrate inclusive, people-centered administration that is transparent and accountable. This interactive forum features representatives from local governments, leading local and international organizations and thought leaders, USAID, and implementing partner programs discussing how to improve governance systems across different development sectors and the role of locally led development. Register to Attend In Person…

Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Supporting Health and Care Workers

This action brief was prepared for the World Health Organization Fifth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health. Civil society organizations and wider networks led and co-developed a series of three action briefs to frame discussions on the advocacy agenda. The civil society action briefs are linked to each of the three Fifth Global Forum…

Implementing a Holistic Inclusion Approach in Stabilization Programs

This resource provides a detailed guide to this approach, and practical examples of how HIA can strengthen inclusion in management, operational systems, and programming. HIA presents strategies to foster inclusion through internal practices, policies, and workplace culture. It also provides strategies to integrate gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) intentionally into activity design, partner engagement,…

Cracking the Nut 2023

Chemonics is thrilled to welcome leading public and private sector experts to our Chemonics-Washington building to share experiences and best practices for reducing risk and supporting rural agricultural investment. The 2023 Cracking the Nut conference will be organized around three themes: 1.  Reducing risks associated with rural and agricultural investments; 2.  Using subsidies and blending…

Modernizing Agriculture Through Green Energy

The goal of this partnership with the Agency for the Development and Modernization of Agriculture, supported by Moldova’s Ministry of Agriculture, was to spur digital transformation, increased energy resilience, and the sustainability of the agricultural sector, as detailed in this success story.

Launch of a Flagship E-Commerce Program

This program aims to provide technical assistance and other resources to small and medium-sized enterprises across industries to implement e-commerce systems within their companies, as detailed in this success story.

Moldova For Peace

Moldova for Peace was born in response to the tragic developments in Ukraine in 2022. This success story details the social cohesion campaign which urged peace and unification while combatting fake news and hate.

Three New Createch Bachelor Programs

These three new fields of study, namely New Media, Game Design, and Animation, did not previously exist in Moldovan universities. This success story details the journey to the launch of these new programs.

Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Learning Event

Some highlights of the learning event were a pause and reflect group dynamic in which the participants were able to evaluate the implementation of Sembrando Oportunidades and share their suggestions of improvements that can be made, and the presentation of the Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Activity proposals to increase the activity’s reach.