Final Report: Dominican Republic Criminal Justice System Strengthened Project

This final report summarizes the achievements and outcomes of the Criminal Justice System Strengthened Project in the Dominican Republic.
Resource - Project Report

Formalization of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Colombia: A Proposal for Improving Environmental, Social, and Economic Performance in a Post-Conflict Scenario

To enable Colombian ASGM operators to transition to formality, a recommendation emerged for a National Unified Formalization Plan, which rests on six proposals that largely align with current policy and legislation.
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Measuring Community Norms Around Women’s Empowerment in the West Bank: Opportunities and Challenges of a Novel Approach Using Cultural Consensus

Understanding cultural norms is essential to achieving development results but can sometimes be difficult. The authors of this paper tested a novel method to monitor and evaluate a USAID justice project in the West Bank, Palestine.
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In Search of Common Ground: Applying Shared Lessons from Countering Violent Extremism and Preventing Gang Violence

This paper discusses the various ways to mitigate the drivers of group violence by the international development community by putting forth five principles to design and implement programs aimed at countering and preventing violent extremism and enabling stable environments for improved development.
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What Works to Prevent Violence Among Youth?

This report provides a framework for increasing the use of evidence-informed policy in youth violence prevention efforts across Mexico, with a focus on state and local levels.
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