Colombia’s Carbon Stewards: Piangueras in the Pacific Coast

This video is part of our docuseries on Communities and Carbon in Colombia and highlights the experience of Afro-Colombian clam harvesters and those protecting against deforestation and forest degradation on Colombia's Pacific coast. 

Colombia’s Carbon Stewards: The Misak in the Páramos

This video is part of our docuseries on Communities and Carbon in Colombia and highlights the experience of the Indigenous Misak community in Colombia's high Andes ecosystems (páramos).

Nigeria’s Drug Revolving Fund: A Conversation with Tukur Ibrahim

The fund helps provide more reliable access to quality medicines and healthcare services at affordable prices, equity in accessing healthcare services, increased patient turnout, and improved patient confidence.
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Tukur Ibrahim

Senior Drug Revolving Fund Manager, Nigeria

Tukur Ibrahim is an expert in Drug Revolving Fund (DRF) design and implementation with 28 years of supply chain experience, including 7 years implementing health programs focused on ensuring the availability of essential drugs in Nigeria.…

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Meeting the Moment: Local Changemakers Lead in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

Join Chemonics, alongside a diverse group of 40 local changemakers, partners, and project staff representing over 20 countries, in Washington, D.C. as we explore and promote locally led approaches to conflict-aware development and peacebuilding in fragile and conflict-affected states.
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Catherine Maldonado

Senior Advisor, the Agriculture and Food Security Practice

Catherine (Kate) Maldonado is the Senior Advisor for the Agriculture and Food Security Practice. With 20 years of experience in international programs, Kate has designed and implemented agriculture, resilience, nutrition, and food security programs in Africa,…

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Akanshya Gurung

Akanshya Gurung is the Senior Communications and Outreach Associate at Chemonics UK. She was also the Proposal Coordinator for Chemonics UK’s bid submission for CSSF Jordan: Women, Peace and Security System Strengthening (WPSSS). Akanshya has worked…

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