Webinar: Securing Demand for COVID-19 Vaccinations in LMICs

On March 24, 2021 Chemonics and the Global Health Supply Chain Summit Group held a webinar with global health stakeholders to discuss COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and solutions to increase vaccine demand.
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Technical Report: Shifting Burdens: Malaria Risks in a Hotter

This analysis offers a new view of potential changes in malaria seasonality due to projected rising temperatures. The primary objective of this report is to provide health practitioners and development planners with information on the shifting national and regional incidence of malaria in Africa in response to rising temperatures.
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GHSC-PSM Global Standards and Traceability

The Global Health Supply Chain – Procurement and Supply Management program connects technical solutions, experts, and proven commercial processes to promote efficient and cost-effective health supply chains worldwide. The approach involves end-to-end data visibility, supply chain security, and increased patient safety.
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Implementation Guidance for Pharmaceutical Traceability: Leveraging GS1 Global

This document provides guidance to country programs for systematically organizing the work of operationalizing and executing a vision and strategy for pharmaceutical traceability.
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A Systems Approach to Global Health

This fact sheet provides an overview of Chemonics systems approach to addressing the root causes and underlying system behaviors that negatively impact health outcomes.
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Final Report: Palestinian Health Sector Reform and Development Project

Through the project, USAID supported the Ministry of Health, NGOs, and select educational and professional institutions in strengthening their institutional capacities and performance to promote a functional and democratic Palestinian health sector that meets public health priorities.
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