Our Work in Water, Energy, and Sustainable Cities .

Fact Sheet | December 30, 2019

Chemonics provides a range of technical support in water, power, and other forms of service delivery and infrastructure.

Global development problems aren’t always simple and straightforward. Neither are the solutions. Chemonics knows this from decades of experience and takes a multidisciplinary approach to complex water, energy, and urban services issues. We believe in developing equitable and sustainable services through innovative planning tools, capacity building, policy, and regulatory reform. Whether it’s improving infrastructure and operational capacity in Lebanon’s water sector or leveraging new investments in clean energy generation with local governments in South Africa, our approaches are scalable and integrative, and use innovative partnerships and technologies. Our deep technical knowledge and extensive experience implementing activities in cities around the world ensure that our activities have a lasting and durable impact. Learn more about our work in water, energy, and sustainable cities in this fact sheet.