Financial Series #3: Supporting the Establishment of Credit Bureaus.

Toolkit | November 30, 2009

This Financial Sector Knowledge Sharing Project (FS Share) provides a comprehensive review of three models to support the establishment of credit bureaus: a public sector registry, a private credit bureau, and a hybrid model that supports transitioning existing public registries to potential privatization.

Through the Financial Sector (FS) Share task order, the USAID Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade (EGAT) and Chemonics proactively collaborated with missions to identify financial sector priorities and develop strategies and programs to grow the financial sector. This FS Series includes a primer and three model scopes of work and diagnostic checklists, designed to be blueprints for U.S. government program designers who are implementing financial sector development projects aimed at establishing or enhancing existing credit information bureaus. The series also provides illustrative laws used to establish private credit bureaus in India, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, and a business plan for establishing a best practice credit bureau in Ukraine. The FS Series was prepared by Jim Aziz of Baja Group Consultants and Cassandra Cooper for Chemonics International.