Stabilizing Bread Prices in Southern Syria.

Food Assistance Program II in Syria (FAP II)

Project Dates: September 2016 - September 2018
As conflict in Syria continues, bread has become a vital part of food security.

There are more than 10.5 million people in Syria who are food insecure, or unable to meet basic food needs. To provide Syrian communities with bread and stabilize bread prices, USAID’s Food Assistance Program II in Syria (FAP II) manages a quick-response mechanism to procure and deliver flour and yeast to bakeries in southern Syria. FAP II works with USAID’s Food for Peace Program and a local partner to address these acute food shortages. This is done through the provision of wheat flour and yeast to bakeries in food-insecure communities.

Project Goals

  • Address the acute food shortages in southern Syria by ensuring that wheat flour and yeast reach intended bakeries in food-insecure communities
  • Support the availability of affordable bread for residents and internally displaced persons living inside southern Syria
  • Stabilize bread prices for food-insecure communities