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Former Senior Partner at Deloitte | Board Member Valli Perera

Valli Perera is a global leader with 40 years of professional services and corporate experience, including 25 years as a senior partner at Deloitte in the travel, hospitality, and consumer products industries. Skilled at achieving growth and strategic objectives for clients and global firms in mature and emerging markets, Valli has led complex transformation and cultural initiatives, successfully achieving growth, market share, and enterprise improvement. At Deloitte, Valli served as Managing Director for Global Services and Global Mergers and Acquisitions as a member of Deloitte’s Service Innovation Board, focusing on ensuring right “fit” and effective integration during acquisitions. She is passionate about furthering diversity and inclusion in the workplace and has served as a coach and mentor throughout her career. Valli holds a Master of Science in Taxation from Drexel University and a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University. Valli will serve on the Corporate Strategy Committee, Audit and Risk Committee, and Connexi Oversight Committee.