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Chief Technical Adivsor, Resilient Waters Program Nkobi Moleele

Nkobi Mpho Moleele, a natural resources management practitioner, is currently serving as chief technical advisor in the USAID Resilient Waters Program. The program is building resilient, water-secure communities and ecosystems in Southern Africa through promotion of improved management of transboundary natural resources, increased access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation services. Nkobi has more than 20 years of experience, in executing both development and research environmental management programs and projects in the Southern Africa region, including in the Okavango and Limpopo River basins and Kavango-Zambezi and Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs), where he provided technical advice on policy issues related to trans-boundary biodiversity conservation, river basin threats, and actions to build the capacity of local communities for sustainable resource use and management. While driving all these, Nkobi always strives to identify investment opportunities from the local, regional, and international markets to finance environmental research and development programs (with a view to bridge the funding gap on conservation of natural resources from national governments). Nkobi has managed to nurture partnerships, liaise, and network with institutions at the country, regional and international levels, with a view to mobilizing strategic support (partnerships) in research and development in natural resources management fields.