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A professional headshot of Erik Landemalm.

Senior Vice President, East and Southern Africa Business Unit Erik Landemalm

Erik Landemalm has over 20 years of international experience focused on East and Southern Africa. Prior to joining Chemonics, Erik spent many years based in Somalia and Kenya, leading international development projects around the region focused on Rule of Law, legislative and executive institutional strengthening, and supporting civil society organizations for various donors including the European Commission, SIDA, and the UN. After moving to the U.S. in 2013, Erik joined Chemonics as a technical consultant and two years later as director for Chemonics’ projects in Somalia, where he provided technical direction and project management oversight for three highly complex governance projects. Erik also served as the Senior Director of Operations for the East and Southern Africa Business Unit for five years where he managed the division’s finances, operations, and strategic plan. Erik holds a B.S. in International Law and a B.S. in Political Science, both from Örebro University in Sweden. He is also a graduate from Arizona State University’s Leadership and Management MiniMasters program.