Redefining Safe Water: A Holistic Approach to WASH

Expanding the definition of “safe” water, sanitation, and hygiene will ensure a more holistic approach that prioritizes secure and safe services for all.
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Carrie Schwartz

Carrie Schwartz is a senior specialist, writer and editor at Chemonics. She has 15 years of experience supporting sustainable development and humanitarian aid programs, including 10 years of experience living and working in Africa and the…

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Tim Sparkman

Tim Sparkman is the Managing Partner, MEL Practice Lead at The Canopy Lab.

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Incorporating a Trauma-Informed Approach in Primary Education Programming in Northwest Syria

Constant exposure to traumatic or distressing events can impact an entire community, as well as an individual’s psychological, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social wellbeing. This can be exacerbated when survivors are excluded from the decision-making processes…

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Climate and Conflict in Ghana

Investigating existing conflict-climate linkages in Ghana, and opportunities to improve climate resilience and social cohesion
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Dana Tilson

Global Project Director, Frontier Health Markets (FHM)

Dana Tilson brings 25 years of experience in global health development, non-profit management, and organizational strategic and capacity development. She has designed and implemented multi-million-dollar health programs across Africa, Asia, and Latin America resulting in national…

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Farhan Yusuf

Farhan Yusuf is a pharmacist in Tanzania with 12 years of experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He has carried out different health-related roles in commodity logistics, pharmaceutical supply chains, and public-private partnerships. These…

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Designing and Delivering Inclusive Education Systems

Chemonics UK hosted a hybrid event on Wednesday 6 September 2023, 10.30-12.00 BST at Chemonics UK’s offices in London and online via Teams Live Events. This event convened international development partners, donors, practitioners, and researchers to…

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