Through the Center for Applied Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism, Chemonics draws on its global expertise to research approaches for effective CVE programming.

Chemonics’ portfolio of countering violent extremism (CVE) programming has cultivated a variety of approaches to addressing ideologically motivated violence. Such evidence-based approaches are critical as violent extremism continues to threaten geopolitical stability and security, economic growth, and livelihoods. It is only through systematic review of these approaches that CVE practitioners can identify what works best. Today, Chemonics is proud to introduce the Center for Applied Approaches to CVE as a hub to continue its research and innovation in the field.

The Center for Applied Approaches to CVE draws on the extensive field experience under Chemonics’ Peace, Stability, and Transition Practice. With quantitative and qualitative data at the foundation of its research, the Center examines the crosscutting tools, methodologies, and practices that make CVE programming most effective.

Our projects have previously applied these methodologies in conflict-affected areas around the world. For example, in Mauritania, we applied a government institution capacity assessment framework to identify areas where the government’s ability to counter violent extremism could be strengthened. And we are taking an active role in convening industry conversations around these important topics: In a January 17 panel discussion co-hosted by the Alliance for Peacebuilding, experts from the Center will explore best practices in governance programming to counter violent extremism.

“Chemonics has a unique platform to research and reflect on interventions that have been proven to be successful in CVE,” says Rhett Gurian, senior vice president of the West and Central Africa and Haiti Division. “The research being conducted by our newly established Center for Applied Approaches to CVE allows us to monitor effective programming and assess the promising approaches ahead. Our experts are eager to push the envelope and serve as a resource to the broader community of CVE practitioners on this important topic.”

Through its newly established Center for Applied Approaches to CVE, Chemonics leads a vehicle for research that will not only strengthen implementation, but also influence thinking on CVE more broadly.

Learn more about Chemonics’ Center for Applied Approaches to CVE and the Peace, Stability, and Transition Practice.

Photo credit: Ken Helmer/USAID