Quality Assurance Consultant | Islamabad, Pakistan | 2023

Background: Chemonics is a Washington DC-based international development firm that has managed over 1200 projects in all key development areas, in approximately 145 countries around the world, and currently implements nearly 150 projects in 83 countries. In health, Chemonics is known for our expertise in human resources for health (HRH) and supply chain management, two critical building blocks for health systems strengthening. We led the HRH2030 global project, supporting more than 30 countries to increase domestic investment in HRH, strengthen HRH leadership and governance capacity, and improve health workforce performance and productivity.

Chemonics in Pakistan: 

Chemonics’ has a strong track record in Pakistan and is a trusted partner to both USAID and the Government of Pakistan, having implemented nearly 20 global, regional and bilateral programs in country since 1985. Chemonics currently implements the Global Health Supply Chain – Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project. GHSC-PSM purchases and delivers health commodities, strengthens national supply chain systems in more than 30 countries (including Pakistan), and provides global supply chain leadership to ensure lifesaving health supplies reach those in need, when they need them.

Overview of Pakistan Building Healthy Families Activity:

Building Healthy Families Activity (BHFA) is a USAID-funded 5 years project aiming to improve population health outcomes in Pakistan through stronger primary health care systems and encouraging uptake and continuation of voluntary FP/MNCH services. Using a market development and health systems strengthening (HSS) approach, BHF will support the GoP (Sindh & KP) and private sector institutions to achieve three goals:

  1. To optimize stewardship of both sectors to foster an integrated, mixed market health system;
  2. To optimize norms and behaviors—not only to drive demand and service seeking, but also to institutionalize political will and valuation of mixed-market solutions to incentivize/motivate health administrators/workers to provide quality care; and
  3. To optimize access (through quality, availability, affordability, and appropriateness) to FP/MNCH services/products

As a member of this consortium-led effort, Chemonics will lead the implementation of Health System Strengthening (HSS) components that provide technical assistance strategies to government and local organizations to improve quality assurance, commodity security, and last mile distribution, support the development of solutions for HRH management and planning, improve government stewardship of mixed health systems and developing health markets, and other governance and health financing activities.

Scope of work expected of Consultant Quality Assurance:

As part of the HSS component entrusted to Chemonics in the BHFA, we will also be supporting the two provincial departments of health & population welfare to strengthen the Quality Assurance (QA) System for essential FP/MNCH commodities throughout the life cycle. This is a foremost requirement for a resilient and responsive health system, to be geared up for addressing the needs and improving the health outcomes of the people.

The specific tasks of the Consultant will include:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement at the Provincial Level:

Collaborate with the BHFA/Chemonics Team to arrange and participate in introductory and orientation meetings with key stakeholders at the provincial level who are involved in FP/MNCH commodities and with QA system.

  1. Current Situation Analysis Report:

Based on the initial meetings with stakeholders, develop a strategy and tools/questionnaires to assess the QA system of essential FP/MNCH commodities especially contraceptives. He/ She will conduct the data collection and draft a report of the findings.

  1. Consultative Workshops and Documentation:

Design and facilitate consultative workshops with the Department of Health (DOH), Population Welfare Department (PWD), Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative (PPHI), and other relevant stakeholders from the NGOs and private sector to:

  1. Present the results of the functionality of the QA system during the life cycle for FP/MNCH products and priority performance issues.
  2. Conduct a root-cause analysis of priority issues affecting the quality.
  3. Generate ideas of changes and interventions to strengthen QA System and improve its resiliency.
  4. Quality Assurance Strategy Development:

Based on the outcomes and recommendations from the consultative workshops, formulate a comprehensive QA strategy tailored to FP/MNCH commodities. This strategy should outline the scope and design of the support package that BHFA will provide to address QA issues within the domain of FP/MNCH.


  1. Situation analysis survey and report of QA systems for FP/MNCH commodities in the public and private sectors.
  2. Brief reports of the workshop conducted with DOH, PWD, PPHI, and the private/NGO sector.
  3. Draft a QA System strengthening strategy/resilience plan for FP/MNCH commodities.


The Consultant will work closely with the Advisor Market Development based in Islamabad, the Provincial Advisor, and under the overall supervision of HSS Team Lead, BHFA/Chemonics based in Islamabad.

Level of Effort: It will be a fixed-term contract for 6 weeks or 30 workdays

Timeline: September to October, 2023

Required expertise:

  • Postgraduate degree in Public Health, Pharmacy, or any other related field.
  • At least 5 years professional experience of working in the public health system of Pakistan, distribution, and procurement of essential commodities with a particular focus on quality assurance.
  • Sound knowledge of health and population sectors
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity

Applications Instruction: Please submit your application to the link below.