We design, tailor, test, and scale tools and approaches to improve supply chain decision-making, optimize resources, and empower local supply chain actors in the most complex environments.

Optimizing and streamlining global and in-country supply chains to provide life-saving commodities is critical to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. Every dollar we save in supply chain operations is reinvested in commodities procurement and advisory services. Through our health and education supply chain management projects, we design, tailor, test, and scale proven technologies and innovations that are streamlined and optimized to work in the most complex environments. We work with stakeholders to design and adopt solutions that improve end-to-end supply chain data visibility for decision-making, increase cost efficiencies, empower local counterparts for self-reliance, and expand our reach to the last mile. Our goal is to develop global scalable tools that can be easily adapted and replicated to fit different and complex contexts while building in-country actors’ capacity and strengthening global supply chains.

Banner photo: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, used for last-mile deliveries in Malawi. Photo by: Moving Minds Multimedia for UNICEF Malawi